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    Antonio Alatorre’s

    1001 Years of the Spanish Language

    A Walk Through a History of Spanish

    Translated by Roberto Perezdiaz
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About the Author

Roberto Perezdiaz

Roberto Perezdiaz was born in Gonzales, California, in 1942. He helped his parents in the lettuce and carrot fields; in 1984, he started working as a Federally Certified Court Interpreter (FCCI) in El Paso, Texas, till retirement in December 2010.

After studying at El Colegio de México (COLMEX) under Master Philologist Antonio Alatorre, he undertook the multiyear endeavor to translate his most successful publication: 1001 Years of the Spanish Language. Roberto has also published a collection of short stories in Spanish: Más sabe el diablo, and many short stories in both English and Spanish in various literary journals, Montréal, Québec, Mexico (CDMX), and online e-zines.


More About The Book

1001 Years of the Spanish Language

This history of Spanish is in the voice of a master storyteller beginning as does the Bible; with the “word” one of the oldest words in the Spanish language, “rose,” yes, the flower before there was Spanish there was a rose. Antonio takes us along the linguistic paths of Spanish of a small, localized area of the northern Iberian Peninsula across history from the Romans, Celts, Arabs into the vibrant language spoken throughout the world today. Documenting with all its rich literary genres and historical anecdotes the evidence to prove how literature gives us the clues to the spoken Spanish of today, including prison slang from Spain to Lunfardo slang in Argentina from risqué to the divine; in its rich diversity, there is a remarkable cohesion that gives contemporary Spanish a clean bill of health.

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